Shooting style: My camera work is known for its natural yet dramatic style of lighting, often described as “cinematic”. This stems from my experience as a filmmaker and I treat my still shoots and writing projects as an extension of my film work. During a shoot, I collaborate with each client in a location of your choosing to create luscious and surreal scenes that reveal exciting individual truths. The images tell your story by unfolding naturally, without retouching; the props, environment and expressions are all your own. But with my help as a fearless and compassionate director, we find, hear, and tell your raw narrative together. My style is unique and irreplicable; a cross-blend of moving image and still. I’ve based all my work on the belief that an image is built from collaboration, improvisation and performance – just like a good movie. 


Private Sessions

Private sessions for local clients are available for bookings. 10% of all profits from private sessions will be donated to charity.


Commercial Photography

Specialties include lifestyle, architecture and online content creation. Customized client portfolios and project quotes available upon request.



Films, art exhibitions, screenings, collaborations and visual arts teaching experience.